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Your one stop shop for all oil tank needs from the supply of a wide range of quality oil tanks to their reliable installation in Tewkesbury and available throughout Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. We also offer an emergency repair service, so contact our dependable team today to arrange a free consultation.

What type oil tank do you need?

Protecting the environment is an important factor when storing oil for commercial or domestic use. Even though oil is one of the safest fuels to store it still needs to be stored safely, and to the correct regulations.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you initially assess what type of tank you may require. You can also contact Alpha Tank Services for free expert advice, a full site survey can be carried out prior to your installation by our OFTEC registered engineers and installers who will ensure you have the correct tank for your requirements and location.
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Oil tank SL1400BT
Single skinned oil tanks

Single skinned tanks

The modern tanks we supply are strong and durable plastic tanks, available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit your chosen location and requirements. Gone are the days of rusty metal oil storage tanks and their subsequent leaking issues as they age.

In some cases in a domestic situation you only require a single skinned tank, however the majority of properties are now being fitted with newer bunded tanks. 

Bunded tanks

A bunded oil tank is effectively a double skinned oil tank, imagine this is a tank within a tank. The purpose of a bunded tank is to provide an extra level of security from the danger of oil loss by creating a second skin for extra durability and long-term protection.

It is generally used to protect the local environment, or where the tank is in a more exposed location, such as an area when it could get knocked by a vehicle. You will generally need a bunded tank if you meet any of the following criteria:
  • If oil spillage could flow into an open drain
  • If there is a risk of collision near a road or a driveway
  • If the tank is within 10 metres of a stream of a river
  • If the tank is within 50 metres of a well borehole or a spring
Our fully trained technicians will help you asses what tank is the best and most cost effective solution for you. 
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Bunded tanks
Fuel bank

Fuel banks and fuel dispensers

Alpha Tank Services Ltd, carry a comprehensive variety of fuel dispensers and fuel banks. Available in a range of sizes and with various options. We can cater for all of your oil and DERV storage and distribution needs. 

For more information on our available tanks contact our experienced team in Tewkesbury and available across Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. 
If you're still unsure which oil tank you require, contact Alpha Tank Services Ltd today, we're happy to offer expert advice and help you find the correct oil tank for your home.
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